[Bcoel] BC Open Textbook Project / Service Issue

Lauri Aesoph lauri.aesoph at bccampus.ca
Wed Jul 10 08:26:57 PDT 2019

Hi Martin,

We recently change the name and cover for this resource (on May 13/19) from OER by Discipline Guide to OER by Discipline Directory<https://opentextbc.ca/oerdiscipline/>. Perhaps this is the reason for the two numbers.


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I have no idea what the Faculty Portal IR is either, but the record is for the OER by Discipline Guide in our EDS:

[cid:image002.jpg at 01D536F7.A6E587A0]

Searching either accession number yields the same record above, and the accession number indicated in the record is edsbcc.bcotA000246. I would guess the “correct article” is the above record. Unfortunately, two people who deal with our systems and databases are on vacation this week, but a third may be able to shed more light on the question later today if no one else weighs in.


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I’ve never heard of a Faculty Portal IR with ebsco. I’ve tried to find something online and am coming up with zero.

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Anyone know what this means?

Thanks in advance!

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Hello Amanda,

I received the message below from EBSCO and thought it might be from or for BCcampus.  The only additional information I got from them was it was initiated from “Faculty Portal IR”.

Apologies, if this isn’t concerning you.




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To: "office at bceln.ca<mailto:office at bceln.ca>" <office at bceln.ca<mailto:office at bceln.ca>>


PID: 32293

SI: 289431

Accession Number:  AN edsbcc.bcotA000246 & AN edsbcc.bcotR000246

We recently received a service issue for BC Open Textbook Project as the titles are same with different Accession numbers “AN edsbcc.bcotA000246” & “AN edsbcc.bcotR000246”

If you could please let us know what the correct article is, so we can resolve this service issue, we’d appreciate it! Please let me know if you have any questions.



Dan Thotapalli

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