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Fri Jan 25 09:27:59 PST 2019

Hello Lauri,

The OER by Discipline Guide is amazing — we’re definitely adding it our “Find OER” page.

Thanks for sharing and to the entire BCcampus Open Education team, you ROCK!!
Una Daly
Director, Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resources (CCCOER)
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> On Jan 23, 2019, at 4:16 PM, Lauri Aesoph <laesoph at bccampus.ca> wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> Happy 2019 to everyone. Below is the latest for BCcampus Open Education.
> New textbook
> Environmental Science: A Canadian Perspective <https://open.bccampus.ca/find-open-textbooks/?uuid=1ff23e21-e22d-482d-9fc5-6ec698b6817e&contributor=&keyword=&subject=Earth,%20Ocean%20&%20Atmospheric%20Science>
> This is the first open textbook published by Dalhousie University. It has been used for many years and underwent five revisions. When the author and Dalhousie faculty member, Bill Freedman, passed away, his widow agreed to publish the newest edition as an open textbook. This textbook is intended to provide the core elements of a curriculum for teaching environmental science at the introductory level in Canadian colleges and universities. This book is suitable for students beginning a program in environmental science, environmental studies, or sustainability.
> Updates have been made to these topics in the OER by Discipline Guide <https://opentextbc.ca/oerdiscipline/>
> Artificial Intelligence <https://opentextbc.ca/oerdiscipline/chapter/artificial-intelligence/>
> Astronomy <https://opentextbc.ca/oerdiscipline/chapter/astronomy/>
> Biology <https://opentextbc.ca/oerdiscipline/chapter/biology/>
> Digital Education <https://opentextbc.ca/oerdiscipline/chapter/digital-education/>
> Educational Technology <https://opentextbc.ca/oerdiscipline/chapter/educational-technology/>
> Environment <https://opentextbc.ca/oerdiscipline/chapter/environment/>
> Film and Video <https://opentextbc.ca/oerdiscipline/chapter/film-and-video/>
> Gender Studies <https://opentextbc.ca/oerdiscipline/chapter/gender-studies/>
> Geology <https://opentextbc.ca/oerdiscipline/chapter/geology/>
> Graphics and Animation <https://opentextbc.ca/oerdiscipline/chapter/graphics/>
> Health and Medical - General <https://opentextbc.ca/oerdiscipline/chapter/health-and-medical-general/>
> History <https://opentextbc.ca/oerdiscipline/chapter/history-world/>
> Learning <https://opentextbc.ca/oerdiscipline/chapter/learning/>
> Library and Information Science <https://opentextbc.ca/oerdiscipline/chapter/library-and-information-science/>
> Linguistics <https://opentextbc.ca/oerdiscipline/chapter/linguistics/>
> Management <https://opentextbc.ca/oerdiscipline/chapter/management/>
> Nursing <https://opentextbc.ca/oerdiscipline/chapter/nursing/>
> Pashto <https://opentextbc.ca/oerdiscipline/chapter/pashto/>
> Pedagogy and Instructional Design <https://opentextbc.ca/oerdiscipline/chapter/pedagogy-id/>
> Philosophy <https://opentextbc.ca/oerdiscipline/chapter/philosophy/>
> Political Science <https://opentextbc.ca/oerdiscipline/chapter/political-science/>
> Presentations <https://opentextbc.ca/oerdiscipline/chapter/presentations/>
> Programming <https://opentextbc.ca/oerdiscipline/chapter/programming/>
> Psychology <https://opentextbc.ca/oerdiscipline/chapter/psychology/>
> Religious Studies <https://opentextbc.ca/oerdiscipline/chapter/religious-studies/>
> Spanish <https://opentextbc.ca/oerdiscipline/chapter/spanish/>
> University Success <https://opentextbc.ca/oerdiscipline/chapter/university-success/>
> Veterinary <https://opentextbc.ca/oerdiscipline/chapter/veterinary/>
> Other updates
> A Canada map icon is now being used to identify Canadian content in the OER by Discipline Guide <https://opentextbc.ca/oerdiscipline/>
> Open textbook adoption tracking templates have been added to a new chapter, Poll faculty and track adoptions <https://opentextbc.ca/adoptopentextbook/chapter/poll-faculty-and-track-adoptions/>, in the Adoption Guide <https://opentextbc.ca/adoptopentextbook/>
> Help us identify the gaps
> Contact opentext at bccampus.ca <> if you would like to see open textbooks made available for specific subject areas in the B.C. Open Textbook Collection <https://open.bccampus.ca/find-open-textbooks/>.
> Best regards,
> The BCcampus Open Ed team
> Lauri Aesoph, BSc
> Manager, Open Education
> BCcampus Open Education
> Cell: 250-893-0258 <tel:250-580-6949>  •  Email: laesoph at bccampus.ca <mailto:laesoph at bccampus.ca>
> Twitter: @lauriaesoph <https://twitter.com/lauriaesoph>  •  Skype: lauri.aesoph  •  LinkedIn: lauri.aesoph <https://www.linkedin.com/in/lauri.aesoph/>
> BCcampus.ca <https://bccampus.ca/>  •  @BCcampus <https://twitter.com/BCcampus>  •  #BCcampus <https://twitter.com/hashtag/BCcampus?src=hash>
> I acknowledge that the land on which I work and live is the traditional
> territory of the Lkwungen-speaking people.
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> If you have any questions, contact lizyata at oeconsortium.org
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