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Hi Librarians, 

Please see survey below. Each respondent is identified by country. 


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Subject: Fwd: [lpc-l] OCLC survey on libraries' investments in open content 

Dear open colleagues in libraries, 

Of possible interest: 

Colleagues at OCLC Research, as part of their [ http://www.oclc.org/blog/main/an-open-discussion/ | work on open content ] , have a [ http://www.marketingbackupsurveys.com/OCLC/2018OCLCOA.htm | survey open on library investment in open content ] - creating it, making it discoverable, and preserving it. The survey was sponsored by the OCLC global council, and it's meant to gather data from a wide range of international libraries. It's a fairly simple survey instrument, but if it gets enough uptake, it might yield some interesting data about library publishing (among other things). It's open until mid-January. Check it out if you have a few minutes: 

    * [ http://www.marketingbackupsurveys.com/OCLC/2018OCLCOA.htm | OCLC Access to Open Content Survey ] 

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